Photo Courtesy Fox Linton Interiors

Though Fox Linton dreamed of being an architect and hoped to complete her studies, her marriage put those plans on hold. Then, in September 1953, tragedy struck when her husband was killed in a plane crash. But she didn’t let the hardship hamper her creative, entrepreneurial spirit. Shortly after the accident, she started a personal shopping service, buying high-end fashion, art, and furniture for international travelers passing through London. Her patrons, drawn to her fresh, innovative aesthetic, then asked her to work on their homes. Fox Linton opened her firm in the ’50s, designing private houses and later hotels for an international clientele drawn to her contemporary take on furniture, modern art, and bold colors—the antithesis of the English country house look chockablock with faded floral chintz, brown heirloom furniture, and ancestral oil portraits.

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