Foodies’ paradise

Ensconced in the hot and happening areas of cities is an array of restaurants frequented by the glitterati. Lit up and decorated elegantly, these are the places for a bit of celeb-spotting, where people go to see and be seen — and eat, of course! The gastronomical offerings vary; from knockout breakfast and meals at Butler’s Chocolate Café to Parisian ambrosia at Café Flo to the eclectic offerings of Café Aylanto, Koel Cafe and Okra to Japanese food and a bird’s eye-view at Fujiyama in Karachi’s lofty Avari Towers.

For Thai food, there’s always Fuschia, Pompei rules the roost in Italian cuisine, Hook, Line & Sinker offers assorted sea-food, Tai Pan and Red Emperor specialise in Chinese and the swanky Xander’s Café owned by the debonair Sikander Rizvi dishes out breakfast and meals, from morning till the late hours of the night.

The desi-food lover has plenty to Buntoshopping please his or her palette. Local food restaurants usually come ladled with delicious spices, choice meats and breathtaking views. Karachi has an entire host of lit-up restaurants bordering the sea shore. The newly opened The East End, located deep within the lanes of Clifton, offers a delicious five-course meal of local food-with-a-twist in a rustic, ethnic ambience. Lahore lays claim to the infamous Cuckoo’s and Andaz, with their awe-inspiring views of the Badshahi Mosque and the multi-coloured Peeru’s Café, at the far end of the city. Islamabad has Monal Restaurant, serving sumptuous local cuisine atop the Margalla Hills and the quaint, touristy Saidpur Village with its melange of eateries as well as the hit breakfast place known as Chai Khana. Pakistani foodies — anybody and everybody — form the clientele.Malls have turned out to be the ideal venue to raise consumer/product awareness and media hype. Almost every other week installations, star-studded red carpets and even catwalks are raised in open spaces to launch new brands, a new collection or product line. Celluloid magic

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