6 errors using safety measures when working on high

The skyscrapers, apartment blocks, commercial complexes … appear more and more in big cities. But do you know that the workers in the accident when the construction, maintenance, maintenance in those areas are also pretty much, especially crash falls from the high.
What are the major causes of these accidents?
• Do not use personal protective equipment
Recommendations for wearing fall protection equipment are often ignored. It is very important to have a workplace safety plan, to be prepared with protective equipment and to wear safety gear when working on a daily basis. In the safety plan, it is important to identify and assess the risk of falls and to find ways to eliminate them. If risk can not be eliminated, appropriate fall arrest systems should be used:
– Installation of the floor is the correct technique, ensure safety,
– Workers should wear adequate personal protective equipment.
– Training safety regularly for employees.
– Check and maintain the equipment to ensure safety.

• Use of improper means of protection

Although workers still use personal protection to avoid falls tấm chắn rác, it is not always used properly. In many cases, workers wear protective gear too loosely, the floor operation is not quality assurance, floor maneuver improper installation.
In addition to the use of false protective equipment is a big mistake, many contractors also purchase protective equipment does not match the working conditions. A common example is that many contractors purchase shock absorbers and use them in areas where there is insufficient clearance. A retractable seat belt or fall arrestor should be used in certain situations.

• Use of unqualified means of protection

Using latex protection equipment, especially lanyards, is a deadly fatal mistake. Follow “Smart Policy”: If in doubt, throw it away. Adding a week or a month is not worth the risk.
Equipment must be checked regularly and must be removed if it is worn or torn, frayed, cuts, deformed metal hardware, rusted flooring, perforation. In addition, exposure to heat and chemicals can cause further damage. These signs indicate that the safety device is no longer usable.

• Inadequate training and guidance

Lack of guidance – in the appropriate language – is the main reason for the equipment being used improperly or not. The safety supervisor should check the instructions that accompany the equipment and train people how to use it.
Trainers know the hazards in the workplace, know how to eliminate or control hazards, and know how to teach workers to protect themselves. That is why the coach must be an authority. The trainer must explain the following:
– The nature of the danger of falling in the workplace.
– How to install, maintain and disassemble the system of personal protection devices.
– How to use fall protection and personal fall protection systems.
– Limit mechanical devices to work while working on high.
– Method of handling and preserving personal protective equipment.

• Choice of fixed point is not appropriate

Choosing an inappropriate fixed point is a big deal. The best lanyard or lifeline can not be prevented from falling over if the wrong spot is chosen.
A fixed anchor must support 5,000 pounds for an individual. In any case, free fall should be limited to 6 feet or less to avoid injury when suspended in the air and anchors should be selected based on how the rescue will be performed. For floor operations to work on the high to be installed absolutely adhere to the instructions to ensure safety.

• Wait for falling.
When identifying hazards that lead to falls, analyze the likelihood of serious injury or death, as well as the number of time employees will be exposed to danger. Take appropriate action and update your safety plan, do not wait for the free fall to occur. Basically, you must eliminate the risk of falls by changing processes or work environments.

Remember 3 steps – to completely eliminate the risk of falling, prevent falling and provide fall prevention equipment for the individual – you will save lives and prevent serious injury.
Thanh An operating floor in cooperation with the absolute safety works!

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